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Take a look at our guides and more!

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Guidelines and Policies

ClickASnap App

General FAQs

​ClickASnap Community

Our community guidelines
Welcome! Our community guidelines are here to help and guide you, as you become one a member of the ClickASnap community! Make sure to read these (just click on them from the top of this page) as well as check out our YouTube for tips and tutorials.
Our Zero Tolerance Policy
ClickASnap has a Zero Tolerance policy. This means that should you breach any of our community guidelines, or our terms of service, we reserve the right to ban and/or delete your account with us, immediately and without any final warning or refund of payment.

​Tips and Tutorials

YouTube Channel
Our YouTube channel offers a variety of tutorials, tips and tricks. Watch our videos to learn how to get the most out of your ClickASnap profile!
I want some general advice on my ClickASnap profile
We have this blog, a forum and our Facebook group! You can interact with other ClickASnap members and get chatting about all things ClickASnap, photography and more!

When interacting with our community, you are being held to our community guidelines. Remember, it costs nothing to be kind!

​My ClickASnap Account

Can I join ClickASnap from anywhere in the world?
ClickASnap is unavailable in the countries of India, Pakistan and Egypt.

We apologise for any frustration this causes. You will only be able to access our website if you reside outside one of these countries.
How do I become blue-tick verified on ClickASnap?
To have your ClickASnap account verified you must meet the following requirements:

1. You must have held a Pro membership for a minimum of 6 months
2. Have a business (related to photography) which is linked from your ClickASnap profile, or;
3. Sell or post your photos on another website
Does my monthly membership automatically renew each month?
Yes, your monthly subscription payment will be taken automatically every month, from  the card or PayPal account used to set it up. 

We remind you of this when you’re subscribing to your membership with us, to make sure you’re fully informed before making any payment.  
You can stop your monthly payment whenever you want.

Check out the Membership FAQ's to find out how. 
Does my annual membership automatically renew each year?
Yes, your annual subscription payment will be taken automatically every year, from the card or PayPal account used to set it up. 

We remind you of this when you’re subscribing to your membership with us, to make sure you’re fully informed before making any payment.  

You can stop your annual payment whenever you want. Check out the Membership FAQ’s to find out how. 
I upgraded my membership, but it has not been applied to my account, why?

If you have made a payment for a membership and it is not showing on your account, please get in touch with us right away.

We’ll make sure to resolve any issues you may be experiencing! 
Why has my image been deleted?
If an image has been removed from your profile it may be because of the following:

1. It is in breach of our community guidelines.
2. It included an inappropriate word in the file name.

If you think that your image should not have been taken down, please get in touch with us to let us which image was removed and why you think this was a mistake.

Can I share AI images to my profile?
Yes! We believe all kinds of creators should have a space to share their work. As long as the content you share is your own, and if it falls in line with our community guidelines, then we welcome it!

To understand how it works with our Paid Per View benefit, check out our Paid Per View FAQ’s.

​Paid per View

Our Paid Per View Policy
As our most popular feature, the Paid Per View benefit gets a lot of attention. With transparency at the heart of all we do, we have a full policy on our Paid Per View benefit which you can read here, to make sure you fully understand this benefit and how to make the most from it!

Our policy has been kept jargon-free as much as possible, but for your ease, see below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about it.
What do you mean by 'Paid Per View'?
The Paid Per View benefit lets us pay our creators, for the views their photos receive.

When someone looks at your photo, you will see it recorded as either a view or a ‘paid’ view. When your photo has received a paid view, you earn between 0.1¢ 0.9¢ (USD), depending on your membership level. 100 views will earn you up to 90¢ (USD).
What do you mean by a 'paid' view?
When someone looks at one of your photos for 5 seconds or more it will be a ‘paid’ view.

The view also has to have been created organically, and not via a bot or Click Circles. Have a read through our Paid Per View policy to better understand what this means.
My photos have views, so why have I not been paid?
If your images have received paid views, please be assured you will see these show in your earnings. However, your views and your earnings do not update at the same time as one another, so you will not see them right away. This does mean that you will always see a difference between your paid views and your earnings.
Where can I find out how much money I have earned?
Log into your ClickASnap account and visit your account settings. Here you can select the ‘check earnings‘ button and see how much you have earned so far.

Or, check out your ‘uploads‘ page, as this shows you how much you have earned on each image.

(Remember: your earnings will update slightly slower than your views)
How will I be paid?
When your earnings have reached the $15.00 minimum withdrawal amount, you can request for this to be paid into your PayPal account.

A text box will appear under your ‘Check Earnings’ which asks for a PayPal email address we should send the money to.

If you do not have a PayPal account, we will not be able to make any payments to you.
I'm not earning as much as I want to. How can I earn more?
We appreciate how frustrating it can be when you’ve put time and effort into taking a beautiful photo and it doesn’t get the attention you feel it deserves!

We have a YouTube channel you can find here, where we have plenty of tutorials and tips to help you grow your profile.

You can also join our Facebook group where you can speak to other ClickASnap members and get chatting about all things ClickASnap, photography and more!
Does the Paid Per View benefit apply to AI images?
Yes it does, for our Pro annual members only! However, to make sure it works in line with our Paid Per View policy and our Terms of Service, we need slightly more information that we do for other types of images. We also require the membership level you are on to have been set up on an annual subscription basis.

We’ve outlined this in our Paid Per View policy, and we recommend you read this to understand what it is exactly that we’ll ask you to provide.

​ClickASnap Shops

I'm selling!

Can I sell products on ClickASnap?
Yes! ClickASnap shops powered by Merchr are available to our Seller and our Pro users.

If you’re not subscribed to either of those membership levels, upgrade via your account settings to access ClickASnap shops.
How do I create a shop?
I’ve sold a product; do I need to do anything?
Nothing at all. We will handle printing, packing and delivery. 
How can I see what products I’ve sold?
When you’re logged into your shop, all your sales will be listed under your ‘orders’. 
I’ve added products, and they’re not showing in my shop.
Products that you publish to your store can take up to 10 minutes to appear.

You can check the status of all the products you’ve created on the ‘My Products’ page.

If your order still says ‘queued’ then it’s waiting to be pushed onto your store, so check back again later.

If it is taking longer than expected, we suggest visiting your shop front (you can find a link for this under ‘stores’) and refreshing your browser.
I cannot change my shop logo or colour.
We do not currently allow our members to add a logo or a new colour scheme to their shop.

This is because we are currently working on blending your ClickASnap shop into your ClickASnap profile. Your profile will be the place to personalise and add any brand details you wish to!
How can I add multiple products at once?
To create products, you can customise them individually or create a design, to then apply across multiple products at once.

To create a design select ‘designs’ on your main menu and get creating!
I've set the currency for my store, but it's not showing on my products.
There are two reasons this might be!

1. If you are looking at your product list within your Seller hub, this will show in the currency of our suppliers. When you publish your product, the cost will be converted in line with current exchange rates.
2. If your published products are not showing in your selected currency, this is because we cannot display every currency on your shopfront. However, the cost will be converted to your set currency at the point of purchase.

I'm buying!

I haven’t received the item I’ve bought, what do I do?

Please get in touch with us, with your order details and we will help you further.

The item I’ve bought is faulty, what do I do?

The best thing to do is to get in touch with us with the order details, details of the fault and any supporting information (such as a picture of any damage). We’ll make sure we get this resolved for you.

How do I cancel an order I’ve placed?
Due to the high quality and speedy order processing that Merchr offers using their print-on-demand model, we are unable to offer cancellations of any orders that have been made.

Please make sure you are 100% happy with your product before you finalise your purchase!


Am I eligible for a refund?
Please read our refund policy in full, prior to making any payments.

If, after reading our refund policy, you think you are entitled to a refund of your payment please get in touch with us. One of our customer support agents will be happy to discuss this with you and offer advice on your rights to a refund.

How do I upgrade my membership?
To upgrade, log in to your ClickASnap account and visit your account settings. Here you will see your current membership level and will be given the option to change your plan.

Any upgrades will come into effect immediately, so please note that when upgrading an annual subscription, you will need to purchase your upgrade on an annual basis also, in order to be charged the correct amount.

(Please note: changing from an annual subscription to a monthly one, is considered a downgrade.)
How do I downgrade my membership?
To downgrade, log in to your ClickASnap account and visit your account settings. Here you will see your current membership level and will be given the option to change your plan.

When downgrading, you will be moved onto your new membership immediately and charged the full amount. You will not be refunded the remaining days of your previous membership level.
How do I cancel my membership?
We’re sorry to hear you would like to cancel your membership! To stop your subscription payments follow these steps:

  • Log into your ClickASnap profile
  • Go to your account settings
  • Select the ‘Change plan’ button which will show under your current plan
  • Select the ‘continue for free’ button which shows under the feature lists
  • You'll see a message appear which confirms you've been successful in moving onto our free membership level!
  • Your current memberships will continue until it's paid-up-to date and it's expiration date will be confirmed to you. On this date your account will revert to Free.

Please note that pro-rota refunds will not be considered when downgrading mid-term, as you will continue benefiting from your membership until your paid-up-to date.
How do I delete my ClickASnap account?

We are sorry to see you go! In order to delete your account please get in touch with us.

​ClickASnap App

How do I download the ClickASnap App?
Our App officially launches to all of our members on 27th June 2024! 
What devices can I download the App on?
Our App is available in the Apple and Google Play stores and is compatible with all Android and iOS operating systems including and above 7.0 (Android) and 12 (iOS).
Can I upload images in the App?
Absolutely! You can upload photos wherever you are. 

There are some things you can't do in the App yet which you may need to do on desktop or your mobile browser, but don't worry, anything you need to do in a browser, we'll direct you right to it. 
How to I make changes to my membership?
To upgrade your membership, or make any other changes to your account, follow the below steps:
  • Open the app and navigate to your profile, using the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.
  • Hit the settings button (the cog symbol) which hovers to the right of your username. 
  • Select 'Membership' from the menu options. 
  • You'll be shown the different membership levels we offer, and are able to make any changes from this page!

Still need some support?

If you weren't able to find an answer you were looking for, please click below to contact our support team.

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